Silicone rubber is the most versatile elastomer today. It has a lot of special properties and benefits.

Temperature Resistance

Excellent resistance to extreme temperatures
-178F to 600F (-117C to 316C)

High Thermal Resistance
Special flame retardant compounds are available in accordance with UL 94.

Electrical Resistance
Silicone rubber has excellent corona resistance

Very strong, resilient and stretchable at temperatures.
Hardness: Extruded is from 15 to 90 Shore A, Molded is from 5 to 90 Shore A

Inert, odorless, tasteless, stainless
Suitable for medical and food applications

Superior resistance for environmental elements such as ozone and corona

Chemical Resistance
Superior resistant to most chemicals such as acids, alkali, water etc.

Low Compression Set
Sustain elasticity and resilience in wide range of temperature
-84C (120F) to 260C (500F).

Environmental Influence
Environmentally friendly because it is not harmful than other organic materials.

Water Resistance
Silicone rubber has low water absorbency.


  1. Sponge
  2. Natural Rubber/ Ebonite
  3. Fluorosilicone
  4. Neoprene
  5. Nitrile
  6. EPDM
  7. Hypalon
  8. Butyl
  9. Polyurethene
  10. Silicone
  11. Viton
  12. SBR
  13. Poly Acrylic
  14. NBR
  15. CPE
  16. PVC
  17. EVA


Aviation, Medical, Agriculture, Automotive, Transport, Electronics, Chemicals, Textile,
Aerospace, Tele-communications, Cosmetics, Electrical Appliances, Door & Window Seals,
Marine Products, Office Equipments etc.


  1. Economical
  2. Multiple Applications
  3. Environmently Friendly
  4. Temperature Resistance
  5. Chemical Resistance
  6. Inertness

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