Heat-shrinkable tube made from PFA fluoro resin has been developed for use as a roller covering. By simply make heat shrinking into roller surface, the roller inherits the high-functional properties of fluoro resin.

  1. Heat shrinkable tube is easily fitted to cover rolls. And apply heat resistant, chemical resistant, and non-stick surface on rolls. Applicable from -50”ĘC to 200”ĘC.

  2. Easy installation with simple tools and operations at working places.

  3. Due to anti-sticky properties, surface of tube is free from contaminants.

  4. Has superior chemical resistance and protect penetration of acid & alkali.

  5. It can be combined with roller or pipe to 200”ĘC.


  • OA Equipment
Camera, Printer, Fax, Copier
  • Film & Sheet Machine
: Laminator, Magnetic Tape Manufacturing Machines
  • Printing Machine
: High-Speed Offset Rotary Press and Printing Machines
  • Insulation
: Electrical Cable
  • Industrial Machinery
: Adhesive Tape Machine, Paper-Making Machine
  • Textile and Dyeing Equipment
: Dyeing and Resin Processing Equipment


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